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Granite is the second hard stone following diamond in the world. Granite extracted from nature is polished by industrial technology turning it into polishing and varnishing and used for interior and exterior dressing of the construction.

Moreover granite is water resistant, cold and pollution persistent stone. Therefore this stone is broadly used for exterior and interior polishing. Green, yellowish, red, black color of granite is relatively scarce. Ingredients of granite are quartz, feldspar, mica also it contains crystal, topaz, beryl, orthite, zircon, titan, uranium, spar. Its fiber is narrow and it has gray, blue, bright, yellowish, red, violet, green, black colors.

Advantages of the granite:

  • Sanitary clean condition where no bacteria will multiply
  • No chemically processing is done
  • Endurable and substantial
  • Inimitable natural color and pattern
  • Easy to keep and clean