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Our Advantage

In the past time, we have been top company in stone manufacturing field. Therefore we offer superior stone products of color, type, manufacturing technology, capacity, operation speed.  Therefore our company is national manufacturer that could share certain status, customers and partners in the market economy. 

We are offering you following advantages: 

Wide variety: We offer our clients wide variety of colors and design of stone. It gives you chance to fit stone into your interior furniture design. Although it is difficult work to import stone, we endeavor to increase and update color and variety of stones. You can feel it from menu named material. 

Industry capacity: This is art for us. We have done restructuring in our industry in 2014 by installing Italian polishing machine with modern advanced technology such as laser router and irrigation dissection,  wholly automated equipment of Kingfab brand of USA that digs hole and shapes edges. Therefore it is possible to produce huge amount of construction and furniture stone architecture that met international standard. 
Price proposal: This is the factor to solve number of things. We offer you the fairest price in order to broaden our share in the market, increase stone consuming according to estimating fair competition.  Moreover we are ready to issue promotion and sale for clients.  
Speed: Stone is the heaviest and hardest construction material. However we perform orders within 3-5 days and work for creating result that you wanted. 
Standard. We follow number of standards and additional operations required for lengthen durability of stone architecture, protect against fracture and install them. 

Warranty: We propose you 3 year warranty. 

Risk free orders: Stone is another material than other materials. 
Construction companies make order to People’s Republic of China. It causes stones fracture and losses during the transportation. In some occasions, another color and size of stone comes. Ordering stone operation as for order, transportation, customs expense, time and workforce expense costs like ordering directly in Mongolia. If you order any stone you wanted to our company, it is possible to deliver stones in number, ordered color and design as you wanted to the place and install them without any fracture. We wish wisdom for your choice and success for your work and life.